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2007 HONDA 110CC Utility Hammer ATV Quad Reviews And Features

Posted in ATV Reviews, Auto Reviews, Honda News by akiza on February 18, 2009


This New 4 stroke 110cc Utility Kids Atv comes with Front & Rear Racks, Dual front drum brakes and a rear hydraulic disc brake, complete with parking brake. It also features 16 x 8 x 7 Rims & Quality Rubber Knobby Atv Tires, Dual front A-Arm suspension and rear mono shock, that can take an off road beating. Not only does this unit come with a throttle limiter (Governor) that can dramatically slow down the Atv’s top speed to a crawl, but it also comes equipped with a remote control keychain that offers remote stop/kill, remote start & anti theft motion alarm. This unit also comes standard with a rear safety tether cord that attaches to the rider and stops the unit if they were to fall off. This atv has dual front headlight that have high beam/low beam options and a functioning rear brake light. This unit’s engine is a Honda Style, single cylinder splash lubrication design that uses 5w-30 weight motor oil and runs on premium gasoline and many Honda replacement parts can fit our machines. This atv quad comes with a battery, tool kit and it’s already 95% assembled when you receive it.

Features Of 2007 Honda 110 cc Kids ATV

Remote Safety Shut-Off Switch:
This quad also comes with a remote shut-off switch. This will ensure the safety of your child as you can shut the engine off even when the vehicle is not within reaching distance.

Adjustable Throttle Limiter:
Another safety feature to limit the engine power as your child develops his or her riding skills.

110cc 4-Stroke Engine:
This model has the 110cc 4-Stroke Engine which provides power and simplicity. No mixing, no hassle. Just fill it up and begin the fun!

Air Cooled:
110cc Mini Hammer 110 Kids 4 wheeler has an air-cooled engine designed to prevent overheating. There will be no worries about overheating or extra engine maintenance with this atv for kids.

Automatic Transmission:
110cc Mini Hammer 110 Kids quads have a great feature for kids, automatic transmission! Young kids of all ages really love this quad because it is so fun and simple to ride.

Electric Start:
The electric starting system on the 110cc Mini Hammer 110 Kids Atv makes this 4 wheeler user-friendly for all ages. This electric starting system makes it simple for kids to use in any condition.

This 110cc 4-wheeler has both high and low beams for the ultimate safety while riding at night.

Tail Lights:
Another great safety feature for night riding are the tail lights and brake lights on this 110cc quad. You will never lose sight of your child as he or she is riding.

Independent Suspension:
This model has double swing arms and independent suspension providing safe and comfortable ride.

Rear Hydraulic Disc Brakes:
The 110cc Mini Hammer 110 Kids Atv is equipped with disc brakes on the rear which provide a very strong stopping power for kids which creates added safety when riding this Atv.

25″ Seat Height:
110cc Mini Hammer 110 Kids Atvs have a size that is perfect for any kids 6-12 years old. The 25″ seat height is a feature that will make kids feel more secure while riding.

Full Size Compact Chassis Design:
The compact design contributes to a very low center of gravity allowing the rider to steer accurately and efficiently. The full size design of the chassis allows a very comfortable ride for all-day riding.

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